Emerging Trends in AI-Based Hiring

Today, we’re diving into some of the hottest emerging trends that are shaping the future of talent acquisition via AI. So, buckle up and get ready to stay ahead of the curve with these exciting developments! – Chatbots as Virtual Assistants 🤖 Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in the hiring process, offering instant support and […]

AI: What Role Can it Play in Tackling the UK’s Skills Gap?

Today, we’re diving into a topic that crops up time and time again: the skills gap in the UK’s workforce. The recent surge in AI capabilities has opened up new opportunities to help bridge that gap and revolutionise the way we tackle skill shortages. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and explore the role AI […]

AI x Hiring: Managing Your Flexible Workforce with Ease

Hey there, People leaders! Today, we’re focusing on how AI can help you manage your flexible workforce, specifically. With a growing appetite for ‘total talent’ solutions in the world of talent acquisition, it’s certainly worth starting to consider about how you wrap your permanent and flexible workforces into one neatly managed ecosystem (using AI to […]

Pride Month 2023

June is well-known as Pride month for the LGBTQ+ community – a month where queer people celebrate their existence, pay tribute to the progress made with Queer rights and remember those who came before us! As a Queer person myself, it is great to have the opportunity to write this blog expressing how I feel […]

Elevate Your Hiring Game with AI: How it Boosts Candidate Experience and Employer Branding

Today, we’re diving into the realm of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your candidate experience and elevate your employer brand. AI is a (not so secret) weapon here to create well crafted, engaging experiences for candidates and showcase your company as a top-notch employer. So, let’s get stuck in and explore some strategies to […]

Navigating AI in hiring: fairness and bias mitigation

Welcome back! Today, we’re tackling a crucial topic: ensuring fairness and mitigating bias in AI-based hiring. As you harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge your hiring process, it’s vital to keep a watchful eye on bias and promote fairness. So, let’s dive in and explore some strategies to navigate this frontier with […]

Navigating the ethical waters: Using AI in Hiring

Hello and welcome back to our Hiring x AI blog series! Today, we’re diving into the ethical considerations you need to bear in mind when it comes to using artificial intelligence (AI) to support your hiring process. While AI is already becoming a revolutionary tool in the hiring process, we need to stay mindful of […]

AI in Hiring: From Sci-Fi to game-changer

Buckle up because we’re about to dive into the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its rapidly growing impact on the hiring process. In recent years, AI tech has evolved by leaps and bounds, making it an incredibly capable, easily accessible tool for companies looking to attract top talent. So, let’s take a quick […]

Using AI in your hiring process: things to consider

All leaders working in growing businesses understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring top talent. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is artificial intelligence (AI), which has truly come to the fore in 2023 and is now widely known to be capable of revolutionising the […]

Harnessing AI to enhance the quality of your hires

Previously we talked about the benefits of AI as a tool for hiring and how it is changing the role of HR / Talent teams (If you haven’t read that one yet you can check it out here). Today we’re focusing on how you can leverage AI to enhance the quality of your hires: – […]

How you can leverage AI in your hiring processes

Talk of AI seems to be everywhere at the moment. Whilst it’s still considered an emerging technology by many, advancements in AI are already enabling early adopters to revolutionise the way the hiring process is carried out. Below, we’ll look at how AI can improve your hiring processes, the advantages of using it and how […]

Hiring metrics for measuring ROI

Given the focus on capital efficiency and allocation of resource many Founders are feeling right now, measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your hiring efforts is crucial. It will allow you to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your hiring strategy and make data-driven decisions to optimise processes. Here are some key metrics you […]

Cost effective hiring: reducing costs whilst maintaining quality of hire

chart with faces

As a Founder or People leader, you’ll already know hiring top talent is crucial to your company’s growth. Hiring can be expensive, but hiring poorly can be even more costly. There is good news, however. There are still a number of ways to reduce the cost of hiring without sacrificing the quality of the candidates […]

Cost effective hiring: employee referral schemes

a lady referring another lady

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a Founder or People leader of a high growth startup or scaling businesses is cost-effective hiring. Traditional recruiting methods (agency, in-house team) can be expensive and time-consuming, leading to a drain on resources that could be better used elsewhere. They can also leave you footing a bill […]

How does hiring impact capital efficiency during growth?

Whilst hiring is a critical aspect of your growth strategy, it can also have a significant impact on your capital efficiency. As a Founder or People Leader, it’s crucial to understand how hiring impacts your bottom line and how you can balance solid hiring practices with maintaining capital efficiency along the way. – Here are […]

Balancing hiring needs with financial constraints

a lady visualising two ascending graphs

As your business grows, so do your hiring needs. Whilst new hires can unlock the next phase of growth through avenues such as product / operational / business development improvements, they can also be expensive. When you’re looking to balance hiring needs with financial constraints as a growing business, the way forward is a strategic […]

Hiring Plan 101: vacancy-specific marketing

When it’s time to hit the market for talent, your attraction capabilities are hugely strengthened if you treat each role as its own campaign with tailored marketing to support it. Here are 6 steps you can follow to help you leverage vacancy-specific marketing: – 1) Find your vacancy’s USP(s) 💫 First off, it’s crucial to […]

Hiring Plan 101: Budgeting for hires

Part 5 of our Hiring Plan 101 series brings us to the often-tricky world of budgeting. Here’s our brief guide for founders and people leaders to understand the different elements you’ll need to account for in any effective hiring budget. – – Prioritise your roles 🎯 By this point we assume you have identified the […]

International Women’s Day 2023

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, we wanted to take the time to honour some of the trailblazing women who are making their mark on the tech world we inhabit. Below you’ll find 3 short profiles which aim to shine a light on the journeys of some of tech’s most influential women: Gwynne Shotwell […]

Hiring Plan 101: creating a sourcing plan

As your business grows, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is finding and hiring the right talent. It’s often the hardest – but most important – part of any business’ growth trajectory. In order to grow your business, it’s so important to have the right team onboard to help you achieve milestone after milestone. […]

Hiring Plan 101: Headcount Planning

a 3d jigsaw piece next to the text 'hiring plan 101: headcount planning'

When the time comes to plan your headcount as your business grows, it’s really important to find the balance between growing your team enough to move the needle, but not overhiring to the extent resources are overstretched and you have to strip back. We’ve seen this with a whole host of tech companies recently, where […]

Hiring plan 101: identifying skill gaps

A magnifying glass over a white circle

Identifying skill gaps in your business plays a huge role in your ability to hire confidently. By combining your hiring goals (i.e. where you want to go – see our previous blog here) with your skill gaps (i.e. what you’ve got now), you’re left with the difference: the talent you need to get you there. […]

Hiring Plan 101: Setting hiring objectives

Hiring plan 101: setting hiring objectives

Get aligned 🧭 First things first. Make sure your hiring objectives are aligned with your company’s overall goals. This will help to ensure that the candidates you invest in attracting, engaging and onboarding will positively impact the growth of your business and your hiring plan is pushing your company in the right direction! Questions to […]

Level up during a market downturn

A woman planting a flower in a garden

Recently our COO, Brad, penned a blog talking us through the dangers of switching off hiring activity during a market downturn, rather than switching it up and exploring alternatives. If you missed that, you can check it out here. This time around, we’re moving away from the strategic viewpoint to look at some tactical initiatives […]

Switch it up, don’t switch it off

a man stood next to a set of switches

The situation When the markets are as uncertain and volatile as they are right now, many companies’ place hiring activity on the chopping block first. At first glance, the rationale seems fair: Hiring costs money. Hiring can be resumed at any time. Hiring is only useful for periods of growth. In reality, this is flawed […]

Well-being at Canda

The Canda team at their recent Games Day event

Intro to well-being at Canda: At Canda, we believe that well-being is about more than just being physically healthy – it’s about feeling comfortable, healthy, and happy in all aspects of your life. We know that well-being looks different for everyone, and so we strive to provide resources and support that allow our employees to […]

Tools & Systems for growth 📈

Growth curve

In short, having the right tools in place will pave the way for you to grow your team sustainably and ultimately achieve your business’ mission. Your starting place should be an in-depth understanding of your hiring needs. What challenges do you need to overcome? What are your hiring goals for the next 12 months? Whether […]

Meet your Talent Partner: Ann

Meet your Talent Partner - Ann

How do you define a Talent Partner? 😎 As a TP at Canda we are responsible for working alongside our customers to support them with their recruitment strategies and growth goals. We do this by firstly embedding ourselves into their company as if we are a part of their permanent team, then taking their current […]

Scaling without compromising culture

It’s completely normal to hit some cultural speed bumps when scaling your business quickly. To continue the orchestral metaphor, your newly-doubled orchestra is more likely to create twice the noise than twice-as-good music. And that’s okay. This usually happens for 1 of 2 reasons: The pace at which you’re scaling means it’s hard to properly […]

PRIDE month at Canda 🌈

It’s PRIDE month and what an amazing time to be part of the Canda squad!!! As a queer person I have struggled with my identity for quite a long time… from interactions with family, friends and also interactions at work. I even remember lying to my employers about my identity because I was too afraid […]

The importance of employer branding

The strength of your employer brand determines how well you can attract new employees, engage your existing team and prevent them from wanting to leave. Beyond that, a strong employer brand can positively impact your entire business; from day-to-day operations right down to your bottom line. Let’s break this down further: 🧲 It builds your […]

Mental health in the world of remote work

Let’s start with the basics… What is mental health? The world health organisation defines mental health as: “a state of well-being in which every individual realises their own potential, can cope with the normal stressors of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to their community” Mental health is […]