Previously we talked about the benefits of AI as a tool for hiring and how it is changing the role of HR / Talent teams (If you haven’t read that one yet you can check it out here). Today we’re focusing on how you can leverage AI to enhance the quality of your hires:

Better job descriptions ✍🏼

AI can assist in crafting accurate and compelling job descriptions. By analysing data from successful hires and trends in your industry, AI algorithms can identify the key skills, qualifications, and experience needed for a particular role. This not only means your JDs will remain more relevant and accurate but they’ll also be more engaging for candidates; AI can use similar descriptions to present a comprehensive picture of the role for the candidate and detail what their impact could really look like.

Advanced screening 🔍

AI-powered applicant tracking systems (ATS) and screening tools can analyse CVs, cover letters and other application materials with greater speed and accuracy than a human can. AI tools use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to assess candidate qualifications and match them against job requirements in an impartial and ruthlessly efficient way. By automating this process, AI eliminates human biases and enables a more objective evaluation, resulting in the identification of top candidates for your roles who may have otherwise been missed.

Predictive analysis 🔮

AI tools can leverage predictive analytics to assess candidate fit and potential performance. By analysing historical data on successful hires, employee performance, and other relevant metrics, AI algorithms can identify patterns and indicators of candidate success. This means you can make data-driven predictions about a candidate’s future performance and therefore save yourself a nice bundle in the long-term when your need to re-hire, re-train or replace is minimised because of the candidate’s performance.

Assessments 🧠

AI-powered video and voice assessments provide valuable insights into a candidate’s communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. By analysing facial expressions, tone of voice, and other non-verbal cues, AI algorithms can provide a more holistic evaluation of a candidate’s suitability for your role, providing you have provided the AI tool with the necessary context of ‘what good looks like’ in this role. These assessments supplement traditional interviews, allowing your HR / Talent team to make more informed decisions and select candidates who align with the company culture based on insights and cues a human may have otherwise missed during an assessment.

5* candidate experience ⭐️

AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants can enhance candidate engagement and experience throughout the hiring process. They can be used to provide prompt responses to candidate queries, schedule interviews and provide updates on application status without the need for human intervention (emails, calls, texts, slack etc.). By automating these interactions, AI tools ensure a consistent and personalised experience for candidates, which is a big win for your employer brand!


In the competitive landscape of the current UK talent market, leveraging AI can significantly enhance the quality of your hires and help you bag the best talent you need to grow. By optimising your content, streamlining processes and enabling better data-based decision making for you and your team, you can separate yourself from the competition with the strength of your hiring process.

As per BCG, the companies with the most effective hiring processes are proven to be up to 3.5x more profitable than those with poor hiring practices.

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