People and culture are changing and so must your approach to securing and onboarding the best talent.

With record amounts of investments flowing into the tech start-up / scale-up sector, the talent issues are intensifying and companies are really feeling the squeeze. On top of that, brand culture is shifting.

Historically, businesses have focused purely on their bottom line, but now many are striving for a purpose beyond profit. People want to feel that they’re making a difference; that they’re working on something they truly believe in. The best fit, for both company and candidate, isn’t just down to skill, experience or interests. Everything hinges on mission, culture and value alignment.

Both parties want the 9-5 to mean something more and we really need to stand up to the challenge.

This has only been compounded further as a result of the pandemic – now, more than ever, candidates are paying close attention to who you are, what you stand for you and where you’re going. Whether you’re making your first hire, growing at speed or trying to amplify your employer brand, the way you do it has never been more important. 

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