How do you define a Talent Partner? 😎

As a TP at Canda we are responsible for working alongside our customers to support them with their recruitment strategies and growth goals. We do this by firstly embedding ourselves into their company as if we are a part of their permanent team, then taking their current processes and improving them by offering our expertise and candidate market knowledge.

I like to describe us as having several superpowers because the ‘to do list’ is endless. Depending on the customer, I could be implementing an ATS, streamlining processes, writing interview questions, writing job descriptions or solidifying a workflow that is smooth enough for candidates to have a great experience in. There can be several pieces to the puzzle depending on what the priority is but the biggest part is making the hires. We are invested in the growth of the companies we work with from day dot, so their success is our main driving force!

How do you really get under the bonnet of your customer? 🔎

It’s important to be as organised as humanly possible! There’s a lot to soak in during the first few weeks of onboarding and setting them up for success in the first month is key. When it comes to their culture, I ensure I speak to and learn from as many people as possible to really bury myself into their working environment. From a brand perspective, I start by doing my research on the company before the contract has been signed if I know I’m lined up to be on that account. “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail!” So two things to take away here – preparation and organisation!

What makes a great customer <> Talent Partner relationship? 🤝

Trust! This is something that is built over time but as the TP I make sure my communication is top notch at all times with the customer. It’s better to over communicate than under communicate!

Tell us about a cool customer project you’ve worked on recently? 🛠

I would love to! I’m currently in my first month of working with a company called Tenzo

“Tenzo” – The meaning behind the name is ‘chef’ in a Buddhist Monastery. The Platform is built to make running a restaurant feel more zen! 🧘

Tenzo is a software built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, bringing restaurant’s data together in one place in an easy to navigate analytics and forecasting platform accessible anywhere anytime.The platform integrates with other systems used in restaurants to bring all data streams together to give simple insights the restaurant can act on.

It’s only been a week and a half since going live with the careers site/ATS and I’ve already managed 350 applications across all of the 8 roles I’m managing. In addition to this, the careers site has already received a whopping 1.1k visitors too! It’s been a lot of work in a short amount of time but seeing these results come through fuels me to keep pushing boundaries!

Final question – what’s your favourite customer way of working you’ve seen? 🤩

Every customer is different in the way they operate and it is important to adapt in ways that fit the customer’s needs best.

However, I have to say I really enjoy working alongside a team that is equally as pumped about growth as I am and they pull the same amount of weight and energy as I do during the process of hiring no matter their level of seniority in the company. Customers that spring to mind for me are Ecologi, Teamtailor and Tenzo! I felt like I was part of the company from day 1 and we worked together as a team to make amazing things happen!

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