Our new website has been designed and developed to offer you an improved experience and accurately reflect our positioning – showcasing us for the in-house talent experts that we are!

We realise that building a new website goes far beyond just making it look shiny and exciting. We want to give you, our community, what you need when you visit our page and we’ve set out to do that at www.canda.io in two main areas:

  1. Get with the times
    Such has been the pace of change in and around Canda in recent months and years, we felt the website was fast becoming an ‘old’ version of us. We wanted to show you the 2022 Canda; our exciting in-house talent acquisition service, our team of talent experts and the incredible customers we partner with as they navigate growth mode.

    The new Canda website has very much been built with our audience in mind – we’ve got miles of (digital) space for conversation-starting content; it’s easier than ever to contact us to team up and, overall, the important information you need is easier to find.
  1. Under the bonnet

We’re keen to really take you inside the world of Canda. Whether you’re looking to work with Canda (as a customer) or work for Canda (as a member of the team) we want to give you the inside track on who we are, what makes us tick and the magic we can make together – all before you pick up the phone.

What’s next?

Your experience from first interaction with the Canda brand through to your first conversation with one of the team should be an engaging, consistent and cohesive one. We’ll continue to grow the website, just as our plans, team and community grow alongside it.

We look forward to starting new conversations, sparking new ideas and solving old talent challenges in 2022 with all of you. We’ve got exciting plans for the year ahead and if you do too, then let’s talk…

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