Abian Sosa


Hear from one of our talent experts, Abian, on what Pride month means to him, his past experiences and what he's up to at Canda

Itโ€™s PRIDE month and what an amazing time to be part of the Canda squad!!!

As a queer person I have struggled with my identity for quite a long time… from interactions with family, friends and also interactions at work. I even remember lying to my employers about my identity because I was too afraid to be bullied, laugh at or even fired. Those fears have clearly shaped the way I look at jobs and employers. I felt like an outsider. To me itโ€™s fundamental to be my true self when Iโ€™m at work.

I am super proud to be part of Canda for many reasons but to me feeling comfortable at the workplace is crucial.

When I researched about Canda and saw their mission and what they stand for I instantly fell in love with it all. While interviewing I got the chance to meet Kyle, Sheryl, Jack and Louis and the whole experience was great and I really felt that regardless of my identity, Canda would embrace me.

I have been working for Canda since March this year – I’m still a newbie but I have been able to work on different LGBTQ+ projects which has allowed me to work on something that I am very passionate about and make Canda a more inclusive and diverse work place for others too.

I feel super comfortable talking about my sexuality and relationships with anyone that works at Canda! At Canda, Pride month doesnโ€™t finish, queer people like me are always seen, understood and given the same chances as others!

We are always working to make our company as diverse as possible :rainbow:


Abian Sosa


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