Matta helps make that change through inspiring sports fans around the world to play, watch, attend, and engage with sport more often, and connect more deeply.




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The Brief

Grow the team sustainably: Matta wanted to grow the team sustainably and build a culture first approach to recruitment.

Increase brand awareness: Matta needed help articulating the company’s values and EVP to elevate their employer brand.


During our project with Matta, we developed a plan to uncover and understand their culture, tell their story in a way that would connect with their ideal candidates, and help them grow sustainably. As well as building their team, we increased talent retention and saved them money on both recruitment and replacement costs. During our work with them they won young agency of the year award.

Matt Hunt, Strategy Director

“Canda have revolutionised the hiring process. As a team of experts our time is consumed with our customers and delivering their needs, the one gap in our growth was hiring the right talent. The team has enabled us to grow quickly, affordably and above all they really are our Talent Partners”

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