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Headcount growth

spent on recruitment costs (against £2.4m of starting salaries)
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saved vs. recruitment agencies
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hours of hiring manager time saved during process

The brief

MyTutor partnered with Canda to grow their team sustainably at all levels of the business and increase their brand awareness in the candidate market.

The process

During 15 months of working with MyTutor we worked diligently to help scale their team across various departments including Product, Engineering, Data, Operations, Marketing, and Customer Success. Hires were made in key roles at Director/Head Of, Lead/Executive and Managerial levels of the business.

As well as scaling their team, we helped implement best practices with hiring managers and streamline processes, which drove an offer to acceptance rate of over 90%. Despite working in a highly competitive market for in-demand roles, we achieved hiring velocity of over 70% and reduced average days in process to under 30 for MyTutor.

We achieved a 100% direct fulfilment rate – meaning there was zero reliance on external agencies – which saved MyTutor more than £289,000 on agency fees and brought the overall % of starting salaries spent on recruiting fees down to just 7.79%.

Canda made 41 key hires for MyTutor during the course of our partnership; working with their internal talent team as their team size grew from 150 to more than 270 today.

Hear from MyTutor!

Canda screened over 1,600 candidates and hired 41 of our team members, across 27 unique roles. They came in at a time when MyTutor was first trying to establish an in-house talent function and have been instrumental in achieving that. We’ve refined our MyTutor pitch to draw in candidates, streamlined our process to move candidates through quickly and brought an agile and adaptable approach to the way we source and refine our searches.
Big thank you to Bradley, Nastassia and the awesome Canda team.

Will Beaton
Head of People
The MyTutor team sat together on some steps

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