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The brief


YunoJuno partnered with Canda to achieve two main aims. As well as looking to increase headcount in the team, YunoJuno was entering a brand new market and were therefore keen to ensure they accrued the relevant data and insights as they hired, in order to set them up for future success when self-serving in future.

The process

The first task at hand was to develop a comprehensive hiring plan for YunoJuno and centralise all hiring activity. Previously YunoJuno’s hiring managers had been using recruitment agencies independently and therefore were lacking a consistent, impactful message reaching their candidates. This had the potential to leave their employer brand on the start line as the team grew and, ultimately, make hiring much more difficult.

During our partnership, we added 6 new hires to the team, all of which were brand new roles with the potential to make huge impact. The newly centralised processes and comprehensive hiring strategy also allowed YunoJuno to expand into the US market, saving them significant amounts of time and money as they did so.

The YunoJuno team stood in their office

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