In short, having the right tools in place will pave the way for you to grow your team sustainably and ultimately achieve your business’ mission.

Your starting place should be an in-depth understanding of your hiring needs. What challenges do you need to overcome? What are your hiring goals for the next 12 months?

Whether you’re hiring a large number of the same skill, have vacancies in every team or already have too many applicants and need a tighter process, there’s a two-step process you can follow to set you on the right path:

🦴 Create a technology backbone
The must-have here is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Having an effective ATS in place gives you a solid base on which you can build your technology ecosystem exactly as you need it.

Any worthwhile ATS will give you comprehensive functionality across two areas:

🧲 Employer branding
You’ll need functionality to create a careers site, publish content, utilise your social media channels and access job boards. Get ready to reach your audience.

⚙️ Hiring processes

You’ll be looking to have the powers of process automation, data analytics applicant tracking and applicant sourcing at your fingertips. No more candidates slipping through cracks. Lots more data-backed decision making.

📝 Survey your tooling options
Next, turn your attention to the different options available to you in the areas listed below. You should judge them based on the extent to which they’re going to help you smash the hiring goals you identified earlier.

Here are the categories to explore, together with some considerations for each:

🔎 Sourcing
How niche are your skill requirements? Do you need to look internationally for candidates? How important is diversity of candidates to you?

📣 Marketing (Employer Brand)
Where do your ideal candidates hang out (digitally)? What do they read? What matters most to them?

🧠 Screening
What are the non-negotiable traits your candidates must have? Which skills are critical for this role? What are your predictors of future success?

🎯 Assessment
How can you compare results across your candidate pool? How can data help you remove bias from the decision making process? What format best assesses the skills you require?

👋 Onboarding
How can you introduce candidates to your company before their first day? How can you create advocacy before the candidate has started? What questions do candidates still have about their role or your company?

Success story 📖

VenueScanner needed help improving their talent retention and articulating the company’s values and EVP to elevate their employer brand. We supported with the implementation of tools and systems to help them succeed long-term.

👉  Check out how we achieved 100% retention for VenueScanner and save them over 80 hours’ hiring time as a result of the new tools and processes we put in place.

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