Intro to well-being at Canda:

At Canda, we believe that well-being is about more than just being physically healthy – it’s about feeling comfortable, healthy, and happy in all aspects of your life. We know that well-being looks different for everyone, and so we strive to provide resources and support that allow our employees to take care of themselves in their own way.

We have a company-wide Well-being Committee that works to promote holistic well-being within Canda, and we’ve identified three key areas of focus: psychological well-being, physical well-being, and social well-being. We want our employees to feel they can take ownership of their own health and well-being, and have everything they need to do so.

Why have a well-being focus at all?

There are many benefits to focusing on well-being in the workplace – it can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and engagement, and can decrease absenteeism and presenteeism. But most importantly, it’s simply the right thing to do. We believe that people matter more than profit, and that investing in our employees’ well-being is an investment in our company’s future.

Canda’s well-being policy and benefits:

– Our preventative measures focus on increasing awareness and visibility of how employees are doing, as well as creating clear psychological safety zones for Pandas to seek help and support.

– We have a Wellness Allowance that is deposited into our employee’s PLEO account to spend as they wish on things that support their well-being.

– We have a Slack channel dedicated to well-being that creates an intentional space for our employees to share how they take care of themselves and their well-being.

– We believe that flexible work hours are important to supporting our philosophy on well-being

– Our focus on psychological well-being includes creating a sense of purpose and achievement, psychological safety, and reducing stress.

– Our focus on physical well-being includes nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

– Our focus on social well-being includes maintaining social interactions and connections.

Key challenges we’re focusing on:

One of the key challenges we’re focusing on at the moment is increasing social interactions between team members. As we work fully remotely, we usually only have the opportunity to interact outside of work at our End of Quarter celebrations. We’re currently working on hosting more virtual social events, like game lunches, to help create a sense of community and connection.

We’re also always looking for ways to increase awareness and visibility of how our employees are doing, as well as to create clear psychological safety zones for people to seek help and support. We want our employees to feel they can reach out if they’re not coping, and that they will be supported. This year a few of our Pandas completed their Mental Health first aider training, here are some of the learnings from that training written by our Well-being Lead.

Examples of our Pandas utilising the resources and benefits at Canda: 

Canda Games Lunch:

World Health Day

Remote working/ Co-working

Mental health awareness week

Additional resources:

If you’re interested in learning more about well-being at Canda or in general, here are some additional resources:

– Wellness Action Plan – Guide for people working remotely

Event on ‘How to feel more connected while working remotely’

Resources on various topics from burnout, employee well-being, mental health at work, company culture etc.

Tips to stop people pleasing

Self-care calendar

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